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SAVANNAH Raised CHICKENS | 200 new birds added to the flock!

Okay! Another delivery done - it's a it's a stressful thing you know. Just a reminder of the process: so we wanted 200 new chickens at the site ultimately another 200 early in the next year for a total of 500 chickens. The thing with Covid that's happened with chickens is that a lot of people got into chicken farming particularly layers because it's quite a low barrier to entry and it's a great way to start farming. Some people have done this out of passion and and the the will to to get into the production of food, but also some people just out of necessity. What that's meant is is that there's a greater demand than there is supply and as with any opportunity like that a lot of people have jumped into the game - not all reputable. Unfortunately a lot of chickens brought on gumtree and Facebook are part of greater scams and a lot of people have lost money um and or bought chickens that are are not of of the right quality.

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