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We're passionate about preserving nature's finest and providing you with the best seedlings for your gardening needs!   Unlike coated seeds, our heirloom varieties are nature's original masterpieces, lovingly passed down through generations. With open-pollination and natural genetic diversity, these seeds adapt to your local environment, ensuring robust and thriving plants. Our non-GMO heirloom seeds not only retain the unique flavors and characteristics of their ancestors but also offer superior nutritional value. By choosing our seedlings, you contribute to the preservation of our agricultural heritage and support sustainable farming practices. 


Jump start your growing season

Transplanting seedlings enables gardeners to get a jump on the growing season and to select the healthiest and most vigorous plants, promoting higher yields and superior crop quality. With their established root systems, seedlings can quickly adapt to new surroundings and are more resistant to pests and diseases. By choosing seedlings, you empower yourself with greater control, higher success rates, and ultimately, a flourishing garden.

Unique Varieties

Our Unique Seedling Varieties offer a wide range of options to choose from, including heirloom varieties that are rarely found in other nurseries. We source our seeds from trusted suppliers and carefully nurture them into healthy, robust seedlings that are ready to thrive in any garden. Whether you're looking for a classic favorite or a rare variety, our selection of seedlings allows for differentiation in the market. With our unique seedlings, you can be sure you're getting something special.


Preserving Agricultural Heritage

At Big Inja Farming, we are dedicated to providing top-quality seedlings to our farming community. By buying our seedlings, our customers are not only supporting agricultural heritage, but they are also helping to ensure seed sovereinty.

Degradable Seedling Trays

Our Seedling trays are an environmentally friendly alternative to the excessive use of plastic in horticulture. They are 100% degradable and approved for organic production, whilst being well suited  to mechanical handling.


Quicker rooting is achieved because temperature fluctuations in the root zone are reduced and the average root zone temperature is 1 degree higher than in plastic pots.

The ability to retain moisture in the pot wall can reduce water consumption by up to 20% compared to plastic pots, when used in conjunction with the Jiffy-Pot Tray, allowing shorter or less frequent irrigation cycles.

Seedlings in Pots
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