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Tiny Farms on a Large Scale

Sustainable Farming can restore the environment to a state that supports a healthy, stable and resilient society. We want to rebuild the topsoil and habitat lost due to industrial farming by fundamentally shifting agriculture to the benefit of the planet and those that are vitally responsible for growing our food in a regenerative way.


Making Farming Fun,

The average age of farmers is above 55 years and going up. This is a problem as who is going to grow our food. We aim to make farming fun again and attract youngsters back into the game. 


And Inclusive...

Plug n Play farms allow anyone to become a farmer and soil soldier.


By Supporting a Local Food Economy

Farming in proximity to large cities allows us to provide hyper-local produce, with reduced food miles, to dense urban populations.


Restoring the Land...

Africa Appropriate Livestock management tools. Smart electric fencing, portable sheep pens and mobile chicken coops allow for the efficient daily moving of livestock onto fresh pasture with minimal effort. These tools enable the Mob, Mow Move Methodology that is designed to build soil!


And People Through Staycations, experiences...

Time out in nature without the travel and carbon footprint. Stay on a farm close to the city.


And Nutritionally Dense Food

Quality over quantity. For way too long the metric for successful farming has been yield (tonnage per ha). We want to see that metric change to Nutrient Density; a measure of how nourishing the food is. Food should be viewed as medicine

Decentralised, Smart, Regenerative Agriculture

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